@skopemag Q&A Featuring Bobby Long

So we are heading into Presidents Weekend here in the USA – so why not have NY Based British singer-songwriter Bobby Long on here to chat with @skopemag. His fourth album, called SULTANS, will be released on MARCH 1 by Compass Records. He will tour this spring in support of it, including a show at PASSIM in Cambridge, MA on FRIDAY, MARCH 8. Also do not miss the first streamed track called “Mazarati” from the album.

@skopemag: Where are we talking from today and how is 2019 so far?

I’m hungover in Jersey City, just across the river from Manhattan. 2019 has been happy so far, and last night I took that happiness, drank it and today has been tough. In general, I’m excited for my new album coming out on the 1st of March. It’s always great to start the new year with new music!

@skopemag: How long were you preparing for the new album ‘Sultans’ and spring tour?

I’m always playing and actively involved with music so I try to stay rehearsed and warm to it. Even so, you keep yourself open to things changing. Songs change every night and that is part of the fun.

@skopemag: When & where do you find you are most inspired to create new music?

I usually write at home and feel really comfortable being there. I’m turning into a bit of a home body and like hanging out. It’s my safe space. My dog, son and wife are there so space or quiet time can be limited, but when things are flowing and quiet, it feels inspiring and a good work environment.

@skopemag: What makes you most anxious about putting out new music and what is most exciting?

I think being away on the road offers equal parts excitement and nervousness. Fear of the unknown and wanting every show to be great. I’ve always been able to stay away from reviews and the feeling of people writing about it. That’s a rocky path. I’m fighting the doubt and the rollercoaster of hating and loving a song myself so I don’t need someone else doing it for me. That being said, I care deeply if someone likes or resonates with a song. You feel lucky when that happens.

@skopemag: If you could force an @skopemag reader to sit and listen to 1 track from ‘Sultans’ which one and why?

I would go with “Nautical.” I think it’s a bit catchy and gets under your skin in a good way. I’m proud of myself for writing in a major key. My nieces and nephews like the song, and that’s good enough for me.