New Video By 7 Tha Great – “Caught A Vibe”

Ladarrion Burton, known aptly by his stage name, 7 Tha Great, is a Dallas based rapper whose body of work includes two highly acclaimed studio albums and countless collaborative singles. His raw vocal presence, dynamic word-play and one-punch delivery places him in a league of his own. More impressively, he has become a fixture in the community, using his music and influence to garner support for local non-profits and outreach programs. 7 Tha Great has become one of Dallas’ most revered MC’s and has earned a reputation for being a self-made success. He prides himself on his work ethic, authenticity and artistic drive.

He has spent the better half of 2018 writing, recording and finalizing his highly anticipated album ‘Demigod’. Unlike his past work, Demigod is a global release, and stands to bring even the most casual hip hop enthusiast into the fold. Musically, the project showcases a clarity and balance that is ‘atypical’ of today’s mainstream hip hop, and honors a dynamic narrative that holds attention from start to finish.