Host – ‘Taste of Your Love’ (Single)

Host releases an infectious slice of electro-pop with new single Taste of Your Love, lifted from her upcoming debut EP. This latest offering is brimming with dreamy synths and melodies, blissful and wide-eyed in its delivery. Host has a joyful approach to her music, taking inspiration from contemporaries like Diiv, Wolf Alice and The Japanese House as well as older influences such as The Cure and The Smiths. The result is a perfect blend of old and new, evoking a kind of glittering eighties pop that feels like it could soundtrack the end of a John Hughes movie.

While Taste of Your Love creates a sound that is upbeat and energetic, its narrative is far more contemplative. This is a break-up song, with musings from the singer about a damning event between two lovers and the inevitable tailspin ending. The synthpop singer had this to say about her new track: “Have you ever had someone you really care about do something so idiotic that it makes you look at them in a completely different light? Taste of Your Love is that lingering bad impression that I just couldn’t shake, and everything built with this person, this solid foundation, just turned to quicksand. It’s sad really… this idiot, that you still adore nonetheless, has now forced you to cut them out and change your entire life.”