The Empty Mirror Return With “The Mere”

Empty Mirror explores the shadows on the dark loveliness of “The Mere”. Full of life, at times the sound recalls a unique gothic take on indie rock. Soulful the way that Empty Mirror’s considered arrangements draw from bands as diverse as the Decemberists and even a hint of Pavement helps to give the entire thing a lived-in, cared-for spirit. Instrumentally highly original they made space an important ally with everything radiating up into the sky. By far the highlight comes from the assured vocals with lyricism that meshes a dream world with cruel reality.

A great opener the title track “The Mere” simply stuns with its pitch-perfect buildup, recalling the Archers of Loaf. Going for a sprawling sound is the luxurious rich textures of “All Stems (Ready to Fast-Forward Now)” where it all merges into a swirling whole. Playful to its very core is the anxious energy of “Clownishness”. Right on the edge of a total and complete breakdown, “Clownishness” has a jaunty loose rhythm to it that brings it right to the brink. Light and breezy “Two-Drink Minimum to Leave the Beach” plays with listener expectations in the best way possible. By far the highlight of the album comes from the surprisingly passionate fiery spirit of “Fatehandler (For an Insignificant Man)”. Neatly bringing the whole of the album to a soothing conclusion is “Inedia (Naked Girl)”.

Sculpted to perfection, Empty Mirror create a timeless sense of grandeur on the patient and persistent journey of “The Mere”.