Shreya Preeti Releases New Single “Junkyard”

Nothing junky at all about this new song from Indian-American singer/songwriter, Shreya Preeti, but quite the opposite. “Junkyard” is a breakout single off of the recent EP titled ‘Encore’. This artist that’s based out of Minneapolis and Chicago has a sound all of her own that is both refreshing & infectious to say the least.

Shreya Preeti may be only 23 years old, but I sensed she may have a bit of an old-school soul about her. Blending together strong elements of Pop & Soul on “Junkyard”, the overall style is invigorating. Shreya Preeti’s single is bursting with flavor & excitement right out of the gates with the Radio-Friendly tone. The listener will pick up on catchy melodies that are well-designed and pleasing to the ears. When it comes to Shreya’s vocal range and singing, you will not be disappointed. Preeti has a very delicate & sassy touch to her voice and she sings with an abundance of confidence. The young, composed artist displays great control when hitting notes high & low.

In the end, Shreya Preeti is one to watch out for with her Soulful twist on Pop music. This track has a lot to offer with Shreya delivering on all levels. Don’t even think about throwing out this single because “Junkyard” is full of promise that can be recycled over and over again. Shreya Preeti is standing tall and now I can’t wait to check out the entire EP. For now though enjoy “Junkyard” that most certainly deserves a round of applause as I anxiously await Shreya Preeti’s ‘Encore’ performance.

By Jimmy Rae (