Writing an Essay: Quick Tips to Keep in Mind

Everyone had to write at least one essay in their college life. Most of us have to do dozens. And it’s not easy, but with time, and a good technique, you can learn how to do custom writing

Fast and good.

We have written this article to give you some quick tips on how to write an excellent essay.

Your title should be simple. No ambiguity, no mystery, only one clear idea.

Before you start writing the essay, write the main ideas that you want to put in it on a piece of paper. Then simply start cutting out one by one, until you are only left with one. Leave out from the beginning those ideas that seem hard to you, or those that don’t interest you whatsoever – if you choose them, it will be hard for you to write the essay.

Choose a systematic order for your ideas so that they will come in a logical and coherent whole.

After you have chosen a topic, don’t go generally. Always use specific ideas.

Always make the introduction relevant and quite direct. Don’t deviate, don’t just add words to reach the word count. Remember, the introduction is the first impression you leave of your paper, and it should be interesting enough to make your reader want to find out more.

Too many quotations will leave the impression that you don’t really have anything to say. Choose those quotations that are relevant for your essay, and work around them.

Leave out all the clichés and the idioms, it shows the lack of professionality, and you don’t want to show that on your paper.

Each idea should get its own paragraph. Decide which are the most important ideas, then come up with arguments and facts. Give each idea its own chance to shine in one paragraph. Also, don’t put numbers on the paragraph and don’t give sub-headings.

Under no circumstance should you use colloquial or slang terms. You should develop a literary style, and your college essay is too important to play around.

All the sentences of the essay should be made out of simple words. Also, they should be short, no one likes (or understands, to be honest) long, difficult sentences.

The tone of the essay should be a suggestive one. Also, keep in mind that no one expects you to be a specialist in the topic you have chosen. Do your best and create an excellent essay, but don’t get discouraged because you don’t know *everything*. As long as it has logic, coherence and it’s a literary composition, it will be a great piece of work.

Vocabulary shows who you are. You are not using a fancy vocabulary in your everyday life, so why use it in your essay? People will know if you don’t really understand the meaning of a word. It’s better to keep it simple.

Your maximum attention should stay with the introduction and the conclusion of the essay. Make sure you initiate the reader into your essay, and then you tell them that your essay has come to an end. In conclusion, you should summarize everything you wrote, but try using different words in order to avoid repetition. Also, the conclusion should be balanced, and never categorical.

Unless you have a word count to reach, your essay should take as much as it needs. However, try not to hand out a 10-page essay. Not a 1-page either. It depends on the subject, but it shouldn’t be too short or too long.