Bongo Boy Records Release New Single By Iron Core ‘Louder’

Iron Core delves into a hard-rock, freewheeling sound on the aptly named “LOUDER”. Volume is a must for the song is meant to be played as loudly as possible. With lyrics emphasizing a fast-living wild and chaotic life the piece simply stuns. By tapping into rock n’roll’s unruly spirit Iron Core shows what rock really should be. Easily the highlight of the track are those incredible riffs. Reminiscent of Van Halen at the peak of their powers, the guitar riffs on “LOUDER” simply overwhelm and crush everything else into submission. Somehow vocals rise above this din nicely matching the animal-like instincts that seem to permeate the whole of the track.

Not a moment is wasted for Iron Core rushes right into it. From the get-go the drums pound in a pitch-perfect sort of way anchoring the whole of the piece. The driving rhythm adds to the classic rock spirit of the track while it rushes forward in a big beautiful blur. Much of the piece revolves around this idea of physicality – both from the lyrics and from the sound itself. Best of all is about halfway through the piece where they positively let loose, showing off some truly incredible shredding that seemingly screams across the sky. For the finale they let those drums go on a truly fantastic freeform finish.

“LOUDER” shows off the impeccable chops of Iron Core in carefully a world that has a vibrant, highly infectious and infinitely catchy series of hooks that draw the listener into a sense of pure unbridled freedom.

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