Bongo Boy Records Release New Album By Shawn Phillips ‘CONTINUANCE’

Shawn Phillips rocks hard on the highly ornate swirling world of “Continuance”. An absolute blast and representing the best of rock n’roll, Shawn Phillips taps into those classic rock greats. Referencing about everybody from the Who to Pink Floyd, the album is a total trip through colossal riffs and pounding rhythms. Certain moments feel nearly theatrical in tenor while Shawn Phillips lets his voice soar above it all. Featuring a commanding presence his lyricism has a rabid, almost feral quality to it. Throughout it all the many layers of sound intricately come together into a vast stream of sound.

A western twang opens the album up on the sprawling scope of “Life”. Surrealist odes via the poetic lyricism adds to the thoughtfulness of the work. Riffs possess a tremendous heaviness on the force of nature of “Tribute to D”. Brutal to its very core “Man With A Gun” holds nothing back while it is propelled forward in a furious rage. Easily the highlight of the album the piece simply stuns as it churns about. Sunny, almost tropical at times, “Bach To The Fusion” has a light airiness to it, giving it a playfulness. Things get stripped down to the absolute essentials is the powerful “Dancing In Survival”. Perfectly bringing it all to a close is the celebratory conclusion of “Mirror Of Light”.

“Continuance” delves into an otherworldly atmosphere, featuring tremendous organ swells, countless crescendos and careening rhythms courtesy of Shawn Phillips’ undeniable chops.

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