Jess McAvoy Delivers The Joy of Love in New Single “Do What You Want”

Australian-born, Brooklyn-based songwriter and performer, Jess McAvoy has spent over two decades mining the human condition for her prolific output of music and lyrics capping off her founding years in Australia with a stunning collaboration with Goyte on “The Sailor.” A powerful vocalist and commanding live performer, McAvoy combines blues, pop, rock and astute lyricism to create a powerful, hook-laden examination of that which fuels us all – the desire for connection.

Her newest single, “Do What You Want,” was conceived with the stance that good things happen when we feel good. And from a law of attraction standpoint, it’s important to move towards things that make us feel more like ourselves. “‘Do What You Want’ is a really welcoming departure from what I have released in the recent past. There’s a fun aspect to it, a kind of ‘Fuck it, life is short’ perspective. I like that it’s less serious. It’s really fun to sing.” – Jess McAvoy