Double Video Release By The Imaginaries ft. Maggie McClure & Shane Henry “Merry Christmas, Baby” and “First Thing On My CHRISTMAS LIST”

Have you ever been watching TV, heard a song, and thought “that sure is a good song, I wish I knew who was singing it…”? Well, there’s a good chance that it came from either Maggie McClure or Shane Henry (aka The Imaginaries). Between the two, their songs have been featured in numerous shows like Dr. Phil, Cougar Town, The Real World, The Night Shift, and The Young & The Restless, as well as in many movies and commercials. In fact, Maggie had a recurring role on ABC’s The Middle where she both acted and sang.

It’s also equally possible that you’ve seen them performing their songs live. Shane spent 30 days on the B.B. King Festival Tour, opening for B.B. himself. He’s also supported artists such as Etta James, The Neville Brothers, Jonny Lang, & more and has performed at iconic venues such as the Hollywood Bowl. Maggie herself has performed over 1000 shows in her career (opening for Sara Bareilles and set to open for Paul Reiser in 2019), playing coast to coast everywhere from Rockwood Music Hall in NYC to Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles.

When they come together like an Americana Voltron is where the magic really happens. Maggie and Shane are a married couple and release holiday music together annually. Their original holiday songs can be heard each year on radio stations, Hallmark Channel Movies and in retail stores such as Walgreens, Macy’s and FedEx worldwide. Maggie and Shane launched their new band together, The Imaginaries earlier this year and their debut release is their cover of holiday classic, “Merry Christmas, Baby”.