David Graff Releases New Album ‘Supposed To Fly’

This is instant enjoyment and music to my ears listening to David Graff’s new album titled ‘Supposed To Fly’. The overall artistry and musicianship on this record is magnificent and so finely-crafted. David Graff may have started his career as a drummer but there is no doubt that his songwriting skills are soaring high on ‘Supposed To Fly’.


The new release contains 13 carefully constructed songs that each have their own story & style. The record starts up with a track called “Blue” that is a bluesy, folksy country jingle that will knock your socks off. Turn back the clock on the next song, “Another Way To Hurt Me”, that has a traditional country tone and then prepare yourself for a killer drum beat and melody on track three, “Watch Over The Ones I Love”. Next up is “Suzanne” and I don’t know who this person is, but Graff will have you saying her name over and over as you sing along. This song is quite harmonious as “Suzanne” will be running through your mind all day! The title track offers a genuine and comforting sound where David solemnly sings from the heart. Time to bring it on “Home” where you’re always Welcome and where you will find yourself clapping in unison to the catchy hooks & riffs. Track seven, “The Only One I’ve Got”, supplies a purely delicate melody while “I Love My Truck” is a fun-spirited tune that will get your engine started and keep you truckin’ along. Get ready to responsibly drink in the “Best Bar In Hell” that has a slowed-down tempo and personal touch whereas “Can’t Trust That Woman After Dark” is a bit more uptempo and loosey-goosey with a “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” (Jerry Lee Lewis). Pucker up for track 11, “Each Little Kiss”, that is a sweet, little number and then drive through the “Tough City” with the top down and cool, breezy notes rushing through your eardrums. It’s a fine-as-wine finish for Graff with “Vapour Trail” and is a pathway I would follow any day of the week!


Be sure to check out the official music video for “Supposed To Fly”:

and watch/listen as David Graff spreads his wings. The arrangements and the instrumentation glide along flawlessly throughout all 13 tracks. Whether you hit the open road or wide open sky, David Graff has got you covered with ‘Supposed To Fly’.

By Jimmy Rae (jrae2@att.net)