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Agent Sasco Shares “Banks of the Hope” Video from Hope River

Agent Sasco returned to Kintyre in his new video for “Banks of the Hope,” the lead single off his acclaimed album Hope River. This small town in the Jamaican parish of St. Andrew was home to Sasco throughout his childhood, and it laid the foundation for the life lessons he carries with him now as a proud husband and father. Keeping family ties to his pivotal album Hope River, Sasco enlisted his sister Kera Campbell to direct “Banks of the Hope.”

Balto (FFO My Morning Jacket, Alabama Shakes) Release “Black Snake Mojave Blues”

LA’s indie rockers, Balto, have just released their Beach Boys inspired single “Black Snake Mojave Blues,” out now via Northern Transmissions. Dan describes the writing process, stating, “I envisioned it as a slow sad song originally, but I’d left my guitar in Open G and was knocking around a blues and thought to try the song a different way.”

Balto Debuts “Black Snake, Mojave Blues”

Internet Money’s Trevor Daniel Shares Video for His Lovelorn Viral Hit “Falling”

The ideal avatar for Internet Money’s industry-conquering ambitions, Houston singer-songwriter Trevor Daniel’s lovelorn vocals and sharp writing enhance and complement his rich instrumentals. Coming through with his first-ever music video, Trevor Daniel shares “Falling.” Featuring a textured instrumental from Internet Money founder Taz Taylor, along with co-producers Charlie Handsome and KC Supreme, “Falling” bursts with intimate detail, combining gently plucked acoustic guitars with swells of bass synth, as Trevor Daniel displays the breadth of his talents with infectious melodic runs and cockeyed harmonies. Premiered by HYPEBEAST, the new video for “Falling” is a hallucinatory epic, following Trevor on a neon-lit journey through planes of reality, as he’s accompanied by a woman who either loves him…or wants to kill him. Or both.


“Ruby was the last song I wrote for the record,” shared Kerekes. “Everything about it came so easy and felt so good; it all fell into place very naturally. The song makes me feel something, and that was pretty much my only intention.”

Human Movement Release New Music Video & Single: “Dancing Room” (Acid Rework)

Dais Records announces unreleased Ragnar Grippe work “Symphonic Songs”, out 1/18/19

Following his seminal release Sand in 1977, Swedish experimental composer Ragnar Grippe worked on various art and performance commissions, often returning to Stockholm during the summer months to focus his efforts on his compositional practice. It was there at the famed EMS Studios where he began employing the Buchla synthesizer and the facilities multi-tracking capabilities as new instruments to map his mining of sound and movement.

Lucille Furs announce warm blooded new album ‘Another Life’

At the time it wasn’t exactly the place to hear harmonies and harpsichords so much as songs about sniffing glue. This isn’t to say they didn’t like the raucous power of Magik Milk, on the contrary. But, as the people who would come to make up the band began to talk, it became clear that they wanted to make something different entirely. They wanted to make something with the heartbeat of sweaty city basement shows but with the unrestrained imagination of places and times where they had never been.

Americana-pop duo, The Burney Sisters, release new video, “Where We Stand”

The Burney Sisters, the Americana-pop duo comprised of Emma and Olivia Burney, have released the new “Where We Stand,” via a premiere on Wide Open Country. The single is the title track to their new EP, which was released this fall.

Video Premiere: The Burney Sisters’ Self-Assured ‘Where We Stand’

Denzel Curry’s live performance of ‘Clout Cobain’