Get In The Holiday Spirit With Lynne Taylor Donovan – ‘Dear Santa’

It’s Christmas time everyone! There’s Christmas trees going up and tons of kids getting ready to end the first half of the school year on a bang! Everywhere you look, the lights are twinkling and people are beginning to get into the Christmas spirit one by one…During the season of Christmas, many people showcase what they are thankful for and one thing is for sure: If there were ever a song to showcase Christmas cheer during this special season of the year, Lynne Taylor Donovan’s latest single, ‘Dear Santa’ showcases the real reason for holiday cheer!

Lynne Taylor Donovan, a native of Vancouver, Canada, has a long history of impressive music industry activity. As a guitarist, Lynne Taylor Donovan has had the ability to share the stage with some of Country music’s pioneers: And ‘Dear Santa’ showcases JUST WHY! At first listen, Lynne Taylor Donovan spotlights a solid, sparkling tone very much like Loretta Lynn, Carol Carpenter, Celine Dion, as well as Bette Midler. She showcases total control of her identity as a songwriter, vocalist, and with every note that is sung, it is heartfelt—WHICH IS VERY HARD TO DO! Not many artists in today’s music world are taking their time to showcase meaningful music, but thank goodness Lynne Taylor Donovan has put zero fear in making timeless music and making music industry wait on her moment!

‘Dear Santa’ is the song about love…It is a song about Christmas joy…It is the song about caring for one another, while it also puts everyone in the spirit for true holiday cheer. “It’s Christmas time once more…Mom’s and Dad’s are out there shopping…Christmas gifts in every store…We’re in the spirit of buying…” —direct lyrics from such a heart-warming introduction to the Christmas season…Anytime an artist has the ability to captivate its listener and do something that hasn’t been done before but speaking about a topic that everyone knows about, THAT is the magical part to pay attention to! The piano and strings create a magical swirl of action in this moving song and there is one thing for certain: Santa needs to grant the wishes asked for in this song, for the only thing Lynne Taylor Donovan asked for was a little love, a little light, “as it’s all we really need in the world tonight,” more direct lyrics! GREAT STUFF!

No matter the beliefs that we all may have, Christmas is one time of the year that everyone always feels the need to hug their family a little harder and closer…For those out there that are preparing to monetarily show their love, listening to Lynne Taylor Donovan’s song ‘Dear Santa,’ just might be the reason less is spent in order to showcase more love and light…What a touching song and even more important is that Lynne Taylor Donovan is performing and touring which means songs that are heartfelt and full of joy and laughter will be circulating around her stage for all to enjoy and share! Please go out and support this beautiful being as this world needs laughter, light, and love more than ever before! This song comes highly recommended and you will appreciate the tears of joy that you shed when listening.

K. Tibbs