Rachel Reese New Single ‘Dozen Roses’

Rachel Reese sings of defiance on the bluesy Americana of “Dozen Roses”. Delivered with the greatest amount of honesty the whole of the song feels fully lived in and realized. By far the very heart of the song comes from Rachel Reese’s passionately felt vocals. Her lyrics cut right to the bone with such care. Nicely dissecting a relationship, the whole of the track focuses on what happens when a partner fails the other. Outright refusing to be purchased with some cheap gifts, Rachel Reese sings of how some things within a relationship cannot be fixed, because the offense is simply far too great to allow such a thing to happen.

The arrangement has a down to earth country spirit to it. With the careful guitar work woven in between her words the entire track feels remarkably honest as it neatly unfurls in a way that feels absolutely perfect. Not a single detail is missed for she creates an entire universe one deeply compelling and fully fleshed out. Her lyrics speak to how a simple “I’m sorry” cannot and should not always work. Sometimes it is simply time to let a person go to move on to bigger and better things. By opting for such a take Rachel Reese is able to sing with tremendous confidence as the song explores the concept of self-worth.

With “Dozen Roses” Rachel Reese proves to be a master storyteller, one who gives those stuck in dead-end relationships inspiration to leave their circumstances.


By Beachsloth