David Anderson New Album ‘Lake Placid Blue’

With a downhome folk charm, David Anderson’s “Lake Placid Blue” goes for a unique pastoral beauty. Sung straight from the heart, the soulful storytelling ties the whole of the album together. His narratives feel fully lived-in and realized to the fullest. Incorporating a great deal of color within the arrangements everything simply shimmers and shines. At times his work recalls the straightforward earnestness of the Mountain Goats, complete with a similar thoughtfulness to his song’s subjects. Multiple approaches add to the fervor of the album, from the passionate strings to the rustic singing of the acoustic guitar. Never overdoing things, the stripped-down spirit has an incredible charm to it.

Setting the tone for the whole album comes the laid-back mellow world of “Charline Arthur” where David Anderson brings a little bit of playfulness into the track. By far the highlight of the album comes from the clear-eyed intensity of “Mystic Knights of the Folk-Rock Wars”. A serious kick powers the highly detailed “Tulsa Riot”. Never rising above a mere whisper “I Won’t Break Your Heart” has a tenderness to it. On the title track “Lake Placid Blue” David Anderson crafts an entire rustic, rural sort of world, a thing of pure meditation. Bringing a bit of rock into the atmosphere is the defiant independence of “The Edge of Yes”. Perfectly concluding the album the serene “The Belle of New Haven (Sarah Winchester speaks from beyond)” goes for a haunted elegance.

David Anderson’s “Lake Placid Blue” goes for a lovely bloom of lives lived to the absolute fullest.


By Beachsloth