Alison James Presents “How Do You Know”

Alison James has a knack about her and is a real spark of positive energy in today’s music world. This glorious candle is now lit and the flame is burning bright for all to see. Alison’s new single, “How Do You Know”, isn’t even officially released yet but is already a Big Hit in my book!

James is a NYC-based singer/songwriter who has a real passionate soul and is all about the piano and jazz-infused Pop hooks. “How Do You Know” is refreshing to the ears and satisfies your senses like a strong cup of black coffee. No sugar or condensed cream added or needed as Alison James serves up a perfectly balanced texture that is bold and just the right temperature. The single glides along with a delicate melody that is as light as a feather. Alison James delivers sweet ‘n’ sultry notes and just an overall pleasant-sounding vocal performance. Alison is like a little songbird soaring high on “How Do You Know” and doing so with ease. I can’t understate that the song is also musically rich as it hits you from all angles and pulls you right in.

This track is due out in just a few short days on November 30, 2019 and what I do know is that Alison James is here to stay! After listening to “How Do You Know”, I’m thirsting for more and can’t wait to hear what Alison comes out with next! On her website, she states that she makes music for the sake of hope and for the sake of beauty and “because the soul needs feeding, too.” Alison James is sure to warm hearts and stir souls on her hot, new single “How Do You Know”. And what a special treat on this Giving Tuesday to hear a beautiful song from a powerhouse. How Did You Know!?

By Jimmy Rae (