Jennifer Denali Releases New Video “Painkiller”

The New York City songwriter Channels R&B, pop, soul, and rock elements all in one track and shines through with her breathtakingly expressive singing and savvy songwriting. “Painkiller” sets a high bar as Denali’s first original song release, perfectly introducing the artist as well as her story.

Having weathered the worst and basked in the best, New York City singer/songwriter Jennifer Denali shares a full array of feeling in her songs, bringing her audience along for a powerful and moving ride through intimate emotion, her own personal past and present, and reflections on our very human nature. A heavy, heartfelt lament, Jennifer Denali’s soulful and sultry debut single “Painkiller” wrestles with loss, longing, and addiction as the artist brings her pain and suffering to life in song.

“Painkiller, for me, is about losing a person to addiction and the irony of turning to your own addictions to get through the loss,” Denali says. “It’s about needing more and more…. In a way Painkiller means it’s too painful to feel. What used to numb the pain no longer does. It’s the never-ending cycle and how hard it is to break. I think it’s human nature to want a shortcut to a temporary high, but for a permanent low.”