Ishani wraps up the year with ‘Stormy Emotions’

Dark and brooding, Ishani’s new single ‘Stormy Emotions’ is a genre-bending edifice of brutalist electro-pop experimentation. Evoking alt-pop artists like Santigold with the expansiveness of Lana Del Rey, the production lends the track a dark trip-hop/industrial vibe that chimes with its tempestuous subject matter. Its vast oceanic sound expresses the tumultuous depths of tragic love as Ishani’s natural lyricism conjures vivid and sublime images of limitless, horizon-chasing bodies of water.

Framing her speaker as an ocean unto herself, Ishani’s ‘Stormy Emotions’ makes us examine the depths of our romantic feelings. Ultimately, like ‘Insomnia’ and ‘Dark Angel’ before it, ‘Stormy Emotions’ shows Ishani to be an artist not just on an expansive musical quest, but one that is also concerned with finding the psychological limits of our interior selves.