Reason|Define – Release powerful new music video “Pointing Fingers”

All-female post-hardcore band Reason|Define release inspirational visual for their track, “Pointing Fingers.” The song tells a story about refusing to succumb to obstacles or manipulations, no matter how overpowering they may seem. The video, directed by Austin Huelsbeck at Black Static Images, follows a young woman who is entwined in a toxic texting-based relationship. She starts her day with heartbreak but ends in victory when she finally finds the strength to break off the on-again-off-again interaction with the manipulative person on the other end of the phone.

“Pointing Fingers” also gives fans a glimpse at the band in action, banging their heads and flipping their multicolored hair in anguished frustration. The quartet’s high-energy performance complements the impassioned nature of the track and gives a preview of what one can expect from a Reason|Define show.

The song’s lyrics reflect the cinematic story in the video, as singer Paolina Massaro confidently declares that she is unstoppable, despite the difficulties that others impose upon her. In the chorus she sings, “Are you aware, you put the cross on me to bear, my heart a gilded cage, from which I will escape, I won’t accept the silence, your words like puppet strings, but you won’t clip these wings, the truth is on the horizon.”