Guitar tricks vs. Jamplay: Analyzed by a complete guitar noob

In terms of how to learn to play the guitar, you would be able to find tons of sites online. However, so many options would be bound to confuse you. It would be for this reason that I would conduct a comparison for Guitar tricks vs Jamplay. The former would be one that has been in operation for more than twenty years and has managed to get more than 11,000 lessons. As for Jamplay, you would find it to be slightly newer, just being launched in 2006. But there would be no way that it could be under-estimated.

Since both of the websites seem to have a lot to offer, it would make sense to get a breakdown of both of them. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Format and website

Since this would be online guitar lessons that we would be talking about, the basic format would have to be taken in to account. When comparing Guitar tricks vs Jamplay , this would be a tough category to come to a conclusion to. This is because you would find both of the platforms to be easy to navigate and having clean and clear outlines. In the case of Guitar tricks, you would find it to be slightly fresher and brighter. However, it would be Jamplay that it would be able to give you an edge.


In Jamplay, you would be able to find the courses to be divided in to four distinct categories. As such, you would be able to get in to whichever one you would be in the mood for. In addition, there would be plenty of freedom for the beginners. While that might be good for some people, it might be confusing for others who would be in search for a starting point.

Where Guitar tricks is concerned, you would find the courses to be more structured, with the Core Learning System. This would mean that you would progress through consecutive stages. For a lot of people, they would also find it easy to understand and use since they would be able to find a basic starting point.


Guitar tricks vs Jamplay would each have their own style of instructions being provided to their students. Again, this would also be an important factor that would need to be taken in to consideration since you would be learning how to play the guitar online.

In Guitar tricks, you would be able to find an impressive host of instructors, with there being 33 at last count. As such, you would be able to find a good mix of genders, styles, and age. You would also be able to come across some notable tutors.

Even then, you would be surprised to know that Jamplay would emerge victorious in this category. This is because their list of instructors would be hard to beat. With more than ninety instructors being provided, you would find yourself to be spoilt for choice.

List of songs

In Guitar tricks, you would be able to find a large category of songs from which you would be able to learn, with new ones being added every week. The songs would seem to vary in terms of artist, skill level, and genre. As such, there would be something for everyone.

In Jamplay, you would see that there would be less individual songs which you would be able to learn. Also, a bit of emphasis seems to be placed on metal and rock; something which might not appeal to everyone.

Guitar tricks


  • Large list of songs
  • Easy navigation
  • Tons of extra features
  • Constantly improving.


  • Song lessons from some of the major bands still seem to be missing
  • No bass guitar lessons being provided.



  • A whopping number of instructors
  • Excellent for beginner and advanced players


  • Missing some iconic artists
  • Incomplete advanced song lessons.

Final verdict

Thus, that would bring us to the end of Guitar tricks vs Jamplay debate. As you would be able to see, the race was very close. However, you would also be able to understand that Guitar tricks seems to be better by a margin. Even then, your ultimate decision would depend upon your choice and preferences.