Indie rockers The Chordaes release video for “Venus”

The unique Latin title of The Chordaes’ critically acclaimed 2017 EP In Itinere – translating literally to “during the journey” – perfectly reflected the sense of musical and emotional searching at the heart of the project. While still exploring that musical sweet spot where alternative indie and soulful contemporary soft rock merge, the NYC based band goes even deeper on their latest collection, reflecting on their lives as young millennials finding their way in today’s America. Driven by the insightful and wisdom filled songs of frontman Leo Sawikin, their upcoming follow-up EP What We Breathe In (due early 2019) thoughtfully tackles this creeping sensation of powerlessness – both in the world at large, as well as in personal relationships.

The collection’s infectious, soaring lead single “Venus,” set for release October 30, is a song about longing for a person who is out of reach but that holds all the power over one’s heart. Leo says, “It’s about a girl I fell for back in college, who years later became my neighbor. The idea of the song is that like two neighboring planets, we are locked in place by forces greater than we are. It’s about being in limbo with someone and being powerless to move closer or further from them.”