Maddie McLeod Reviews – Rev Peter Unger ‘The Two Seekers’

Simplistic in both melody and message, The Two Seekers by Rev. Peter Unger provides a folksy, crisp backing track to the timeless human race question about what matters most. The word seek seems to become the signature of this pondering song.


When death comes and we stand back to look at our own life, did we seek for something that we might regret in the grander scheme? Layered over richly crisped guitar plucking and strumming, Unger’s voice earnestly yet firmly petitions us to come to that answer for our own selves. We will reap what we sow, after all.

“Thank you for your time. Wonderful music. I’m Christian and was deeply touched by your words. Keep up the great work!”

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By Maddie McLeod