Maddie McLeod Reviews – R.W. Roldan ‘The Color Of’

“I really appreciated watching R. W. Roldan’s music video and listening to his profound and great lyrics! Such a timely statement on such a contemporary issue.” – Maddie

Sitting comfortably between Americana rooted melodies and traditional country storytelling lyrics, The Color Of, written and sung by R. W. Roldan is a wonderfully direct response to an incredibly contemporary issue today. The slow and steady rhythmic percussive claps, guitar, and vocals allow the listener to turn their attention almost completely to the lyrics, something that stands out in a world full of noise and chaos.

God gave us color, like He gave us blood, breath, and sight, Roldan sings. Gave us a heart and soul to feel and a good sense to know wrong from right. Such a simplistically bold stance. God does not see us any differently than our brothers and sisters, so why should we?

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By Maddie McLeod