Top 3 Celebrities Who Have Gotten Lasik

Eyes are the windows to the soul, we have always heard. They express our emotions; they provide us with our unique way of seeing the world around us. What happens when we begin to lose our sight? For some, loss of sight is gradual, typically worsening as we age. For some, sight is minimal from birth and requires correction during youth. Regardless of how our sight was lost, the typical response is to order glasses or contacts. Both work just fine for correcting eyesight, but they can be a big hassle, changing as our prescription changes, costing lots of money each time. What if there was a way to avoid glasses and contacts?

Luckily, science has come through again in the area of eyesight, and now we have a process called Lasik eye surgery. What is Lasik? Basically, an eye surgeon uses a laser to reshape your cornea, improving your ability to see without the use of glasses or contacts. After much discussion of risks and potential obstacles, the patient is put under anesthesia and their eyes are positioned in place. A flap is created on the surface of the eye so that a laser can correct the shape of the cornea underneath. Afterwards, the flap is put back on the top and is adhered back to the rest of the eye. The whole process is relatively quick and has high success rates. After the surgery is complete, recovery consists of eye protection, especially from any rubbing and sunlight, and anti-inflammatory eye drops. You are also advised to take care while using computers and you can find more information about computer use guidelines here.

It sounds scary, and the process can be intimidating but most patients report a quick recovery. To reassure you, we’ve collected a list of the top three celebrities who have gotten the surgery. They underwent transformative eye surgery to help their sight improve and to simplify their lives.

1. Lebron James – this famous basketball player wouldn’t be the same if he had to worry about his glasses breaking on the court. His vision has not suffered a bit, and his aim always gets the ball to the hoop.

2. Jessica Simpson – Singing to crowds of thousands can be exhausting, and Simpson has treated herself to the gift of seeing clearly. No smoke on stage will get in her contact-clouded eyes because now she doesn’t need them!

3. Brad Pitt – This stunning actor catches the camera on fire when he gives a certain look. And of course he looks great in glasses too – but now he can wear the ones without the lenses. He decided to take care of his eyes by reshaping them permanently.

Even if you don’t believe in the skills or talents of these celebrities, at least consider the success they have accumulated in relatively short careers. All have claimed the benefits of Lasik eye surgery, along with countless other stars. The price tag of most eye surgeries like Lasik makes it available to people who aren’t in the movies, performing at a concert, or famous on the basketball court.

The next time you’re at the eye doctor ordering your next pair of glasses, try starting a conversation about the Lasik eye surgery process. Find out if you are a candidate, and if not, what you need to do to become eligible. Chances are, you could be one of the many who have discovered the power of perfect sight.