Veronica Fusaro tackles toxic relationships on ‘Venom’

Accomplished Swiss songwriter and performer Veronica Fusaro’s new single bears all the characteristics of its title – it creeps along, infecting your subconscious, reflecting the moment of introspection and paralysis experienced when you realise that love has been reduced to nothing but spite and toxicity.

Jazz-influenced synths and ghostly vocal stabs provide the bed for the raw power and emotion of Veronica’s voice, backed up by hip hop beats and sub drops that add weight to the mix.

In her own words the forthcoming single ‘Venom’ is about “the moment you realize that the person you handed your heart to is messing around with it. You always knew that this person wouldn’t do you any good, but you keep hoping they’ll change. Instead, the relationship kills you softly from the inside – just like Venom.”