OMB Peezy Shares Some Harrowing Street Knowledge in “Deeper Than You Think”

Few emcees pack as much street wisdom into a 16-bar verse as OMB Peezy, a 20-year-old prodigy with the soul of a veteran. Offering a glimpse into the inner life of a street soldier, Peezy shares “Deeper Than You Think,” his new video. “Deeper Than You Think” finds Peezy searching within himself, revealing the complicated explanation for his bad behavior: “Me and my brother was stugglin hustling, tryna get us a lil meal/lLotta these n***** be rappin bout livin that shit, we was in it for real/lotta these n***** be rappin bout livin that shit, just to get em a deal.”

In the video, Peezy plans a robbery, breaking into an enemy’s home and finding himself a fugitive from the law when the operation goes south. Featuring an appearance from OMB IceBerg, “Deeper Than You Think” is the latest video to be released from Loyalty Over Love, his recent mixtape, following the revealing clip for the tape’s opener “Venting Session” and the L.A. Leakers-premiered clip for the closing track “Mind of Overkill.”