Jerrica Alyssa “Those Cherry Lips”

Jerrica Alyssa’s sensual single, “Those Cherry Lips,” is the seductive urban pop track you’ve been waiting for. I included a link to the single released 10/12 on all digital platforms.

One of those collaborations is her infectious new single, “Those Cherry Lips.” The rhythmic pop meets urban R&B vibe undulates beneath her sultry vocals, dripping with passion and anticipation. It’s the perfect chill track to put you in the mood, and Jerrica’s female-forward reflection of two people meeting in the middle is lush with empowerment and sensuality. A low-tempo beat hums under layers of vocals and hushed breathing, building a sense of heat and movement into every second of the vibrant arrangement. It’s the kind of sound that will make you want to light the candles, turn up the music, and lose yourself in someone you love. Check out Jerrica Alyssa’s debut single, “Those Cherry Lips,” out now!