Concert Date: How to Keep Yourself Safe in a Music Venue

When your favorite band comes to town, its only natural to grab some friends and go get your groove on. Its easy to get swept away in your favorite songs and the comradery of your fellow fans, but youll also need to keep your wits about you and stay aware of your surroundings. Doing so will help keep you safe. Whether youre with friends or on a date, these tips will help your musical evening end on a positive note.

Watch Your Drink

Whether youre old enough to drink alcohol or rocking a Shirley Temple, its important to keep an eye on your drink at all times. Never set it down or pass it to someone else to hold for you. Doing so could give someone the opportunity to slip drugs into your drink. For further protection, toss a pocket size date rape drug test kit in your pocket or purse. The tests take only a minute and are well worth the time.


Concert venues often pack a lot of people into a limited space. Between all the warm bodies tucked in around you and your killer dance moves, youre bound to work up a sweat. Excessive sweating could lead to dehydration and fainting. Alcohol adds to the problem since its a diuretic. Plan ahead and make sure you drink lots of water before the concert so youre ready to rock and able to stay on your feet.

Conceal Your Cash

Snacks and drinks arent cheap at a concert venue, and neither is the cool band merch. You may also find that you need a cab home if you drank more than you planned to. These things all cost money, so youll need to carry some cash with you. Never flaunt it, however, or tuck it into your back pocket where its an easy target for pickpockets. Instead, tuck your money in your front pocket, sock, or bra, if applicable. Its also a good idea to tuck some cash in multiple places on your person.

Travel in Packs

You should always bring at least one friend with you to the concert and make sure others know where youre going. Keep traveling together throughout the show, heading to the bar, bathroom, or merch table with a buddy. When you first get to the concert, pick a meeting location that youll go to if you get separated. Cell phone batteries die and you may not hear your ringtone over the music, so dont bank on your cell phone to reunite you. Pick a spot and head there if someone is missing.

These four tips will keep you safe at a concert and at other public events, including festivals, firework displays, and sporting events. Even if youre visiting a relatively safe venue, its important to stay alert and take precautions. Safe nights are the best nights.