Dahlia Sleeps share new single and video, ‘Settle Down’

Today, Dahlia Sleeps release their new single ‘Settle Down’ – the second cut to be lifted from new EP ‘Love, Lost’ – set for release at the end of the year. Recorded and produced in the band’s own basement studio in South London, the track follows the release of previous EP single, ‘Storm’.

Written by the bands producer Luke Hester, “‘Settle Down’ is a dialog between myself and someone I care greatly for,” he explained. “It’s what I couldn’t say in person. That contradictory place of trying to reassure someone at a seemingly hopeless point, that there’s still hope.”

The song came about originally after him and his partner came to an impasse and split. It generally focuses around the idea of not wallowing in despair, but finding strength from a situation, and dealing with it. Written after looping a chord progression on a Harmonium for hours until he found the perfect vocal melody, the final cut is led by that same pump organ sound – complimented by a driving rhythm section and reverb-laden, lilting guitars.