Sarantos New Single For October 2018 – ‘Who Am I To Fight The Universe’

Sarantos sings the blues with heart and soul on the powerful “Who Am I To Fight The Universe”. An epic, sprawling ode that taps into the zeitgeist, the lyricism focuses upon the journey of life. Done with the utmost of taste and care, the song’s message feels quite universal. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix, resulting in a colorful display. Rhythms have a great power behind them, further emphasizing the power of his message. Highly thoughtful, Sarantos has a contemplative approach to it. Everythign simply works, as Sarantos hits just the right balance.

Not a moment is wasted for Sarantos sets the mood quickly. The groove has a comfortable, laid back style to it. His lyrics work front and center, as they at times resembles the early blues. With a careful buildup, the song opts for a dreamy, surrealist bent to it. His voice truly soars throughout as the story unfurls, one that tries to realize the faith that allows one to get through the tough times. Loneliness features prominently, as his lyrics look inward, towards the soul. For the final stretch Sarantos lets everything run loose, as the song’s mood shifts ever so slightly, towards something closer to hope. Usage of mythology helps adds to the overall immersive quality of the work.

“Who Am I To Fight The Universe” shows off Sarantos the existentialist, one whose song explores how to find one’s place in the world.

By Beachsloth