Bongo Boy Records Release ‘Backroom Blues Volume Seven by Various Artists’

Zombie Garden Club starts things up on a riotous note with the physicality of “Judgement Blues”. Tapping into rock n’ roll’s bluesy roots, the piece has a communal, cathartic presence. Vocals float through the stomp rhythms in a hazy, dazed fashion.

Things move into a slower speed on Bobby Rue’s “Before Our Eyes”. Such a mellow attitude reflects upon the ups and downs that life brings. Quite contemplative the song taps into the universal truths that appear only upon reflection.

Swinging through with such style Carmen Grillo’s “Come and Gone” goes for a big band style. Everything has a lush, gorgeous flavor to it. Layer upon layer works in unison to create a sound of pure celebration.

Embracing space, Ann M. Wolf’s “How Long Is The Night?” has a yearning spirit that rests in its very core. Her voice has a powerful, commanding presence. The arrangement feels stripped down to the essentials while it moves at a slow yet steady pace.

Wild and wonderful guitars come into the fray on the New Bardots psychedelic rock of “Little Friend Blue”. Unhinged with a feral spirit the song possesses a fiery passion. Guitars work together in a great wall of sound approach.

A timeless classic spirit roars from the Silver Dimes’ intense workout of “Time To Go (Live)”. Such energy radiates from the whole of the piece. By far the highlight comes from the intense, freewheeling vocals.

Fiddy Blues tap into a Bob Dylan sort of blues with the thoughtful “Won’t Cry For Love”. Rather poignant, the lyrics have a unique poetry to them. Glowing organs help the song to have a great sense of tenderness.

Steve Morgan and the Harley Tones take an aggressive stance with the intense workout of “The Lost Soul Blues”. Everything works, from the fiery guitars to the muscular grooves. By far the highlight comes from the straight from the heart lyricism.

Rather playful, Big Bone Daddy lets things sprawl out with the expansive “Let’s Go Back”. With just the right hint of nostalgia, the whole of the piece comes through positively swinging. Vocals have a lived-in quality to them as the song reflects upon the past.

Incredible guitar work defines Steve Hester’s “Nuthin But The Blues”. Ambitious in scope, the song draws from spiritual imagery and hopelessness. Everything comes together in a vast stream of sound one that fully consumes the listener.

Lo-fi elements appear in the forefront of J. Howard Duff’s potent “I’m Crying”. Vocals have a steady clear-eyed focus to them. Full of longing and desire the song rolls forward at its own unique pace.

“Reconsider Baby” has a dreamy quality as if ready to float into the air. Susan SurfTone goes for a spaced-out sound as the whole of the piece drifts along at a leisurely pace. Tapping into dream pop and surf rock, the track has a shaggy dog quality to it, making it deeply endearing.

Line Up:
01. Judgement Blues – Zombie Garden Club 3:40
02. Before Our Eyes – Bobby Rue 4:18
03. Come And Gone – Carmen Grillo 4:12
04. How Long Is The Night – Ann M. Wolf 4:45
05. Little Friend Blue – The New Bardots 2:23
06. Time To Go – The Silver Dimes 3:50
07. Won’t Cry For Love – Fiddy Blues 3:05
08. The Lost Soul Blues – Steve Morgan and The Harley Tones 3:14
09. Let’s Go Back – Big Bone Daddy 3:24
10. Nuthin But The Blues – Steve Hester 5:19
11. I’m Crying – J. Howard Duff 3:54
12. Reconsider Baby – Susan SurfTone 3:41