“This is my first video stepping out as a solo artist. After losing myself in the push and pull of a million other opinions, I went to Woodstock to sit in the dirt & write. This project channeled angst & confusion into a tone of riot. The video for “In Your Eyes” goes into my internal journey of identity; breaking down the illusion of reality to find authenticity. As culture evolves to put a higher placement on our external representation of nature the lines between our visual self and internal self gets more blurry. The video starts with self-reflection and expands into a surrealist dream. It’s the introduction into the dimensional world built with new creative director Andre Bato. It’s a dream collaboration to have him as my visual partner for the project, and I’m super excited to watch it all come to life! :)” – Zoe Silverman of ASTR

Genre-bending New York-based artist ASTR has just released her new video for “In Your Eyes” today via Billboard. Now a solo act, ASTR is heading in a different direction with her music, evolving from her past as a provocative electro R&B artist and creating a new, unapologetic avant-garde movement.