New Single By Leah Capelle ‘Out of Love’

Have you ever been to the Windy City? Known for its beauty, the glory of the Chicago Bears, or for the ever so popular Deep Dish pizza, there are so many things to do in one of the most eclectic cities in the United States of America! There is something that is so popular about Chicago but even more-so, there is a certain pride that people from that place carry! A glow, a smile, or to be from our 44th President of the United States’ hometown, Barack Obama: You MUST be special and guess what? She IS! That’s right! That she is none other than Leah Capelle and on the 21st, she is unleashing a storm with her new single, ‘Out of Love.’

Leah Capelle, a native of the Chicago Metro area has been performing for a long time! In fact, she has done so much to build the musical ability that she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career a lot harder and it is definitely paying off in such a great way! At first listen, Leah Capelle captures a real magical vibe and positive glowing folk sound that is driven with large 80s synthesizers, drifting string ensembles that send chills as they tickle the air. Leah Capelle has a pop-ISH glowing demeanor with her adaptation with ‘Out of Love.’ There is a lot going on in her sound that has similar qualities of that in Bon Ivor, LeAnn Rimes, Tender Central–The cellist of Ben Howard Band, and a very feminine, all girl’s matter sound! What a true gem?

‘Out of Love,’ pleads with the listener to keep listening. A truly unique placement of guitar, synthesizers, and passionate lyrics that drive the senses completely wild is simply why this song is so great. The production quality is most amazing as it showcases an out front vocal that needs to be heard. Leah Capelle showcases the pain in this song as each note played emulate a tear fallen…When someone is out of love, there is a loss of hope…When love is lost, hope is also lost…This song had to be played several times to truly feel the whole earthquake that DID occur during the first listen and it is rare to find an artist that sings with the same amount of passion that seems to have been recorded with! What a rare amazement!? ‘Out of Love’ is that song that shows all people how to feel when we have done all that could possibly be done to make a relationship work. What hurts the most is when the fight truly is over.

A star has been born. A legacy has been birthed. A unique person has been given to earth and Leah Capelle is just that artist that seems to get what it means to give her all! This song comes highly recommended as it catches you off guard and causes the reaction of replaying her music over and over again! As heartfelt as ‘Out of Love,’ felt, it would be even more amazing to catch a live show as this young lady is definitely got a flare and will not be losing it anytime soon! I recommend Leah Capelle and her ‘Out of Love’ as the song to listen to IMMEDIATELY!

Rating 10 / 10