Alpines share new single “Alright”

London duo Alpines share a new track ‘Alright’, the second single from their upcoming third album ‘Full Bloom’. In contrast to their first single ‘Out of View’, ‘Alright’ is a brooding anthem centred on a minimal piano part that builds with sonic layers and flourishes of production. “It is written for our generation” the duo explain. “We all need a reminder and reassurance that it is going to be ok. No one can do this alone. We now live in a world where we have constant awareness and it’s very hard to get relief away from social media and societal pressures. On top of this our generation has to carry the very real burden that the world is suffering under climate crisis.”

The duo wrote the song after watching the first season of The OA on Netflix, and were very inspired by the world Brit Marling had created. “We loved the intricacies of the different characters, the way it conveyed the intensity of growing up, the difficulties that brings and the power of first love. Youth and youth culture have had a big impact on the lyrics of this album.”