Latest Fitness Tech to Look For

With ever-growing technology in the 21st century, there has been the invention of new fitness gadgets to meet the demand among fitness enthusiasts, gym-goers and calorie counters. Lap-tracking swimsuits and smartwatches are some of the gadgets included.

This equipment is built with the aim of improving your health and fitness. Also, they will be able to aid you in making the best out of your workout sessions, monitoring your health and fitness progress and at the same time ensuring that your fitness sessions are fun and enjoyable.

As a side note, if you are recovering from an injury, a newbie in the gym or just a fitness freak looking to complement your training, you can purchase naposim methandienone. Nonetheless, performance enhancements should only be used to improve your training. Here are some of the fascinating fitness tech innovations.


Sportiiis, which is also known as Sport Eyes, is gadget mounted to your sunglasses to enable you to receive your fitness stats through a voice prompt. It is mostly used by cyclists and runners who want to monitor their stats. The Head-Up Display (HUD) has seven multi-colored LEDs to indicate your heart rate. The stats are based on your speed, power and heart rate.

Fitbit Aria

This is a weighing scale with advanced technology designed for gym-goers whose aim is to burn excess calories and lose weight. The remarkable thing about this gadget is that it not only tracks your weight changes, but it also monitors your Body-Mass Index (BMI) and also calculates your body fat percentage. This data is uploaded wirelessly to your smartphone for you to see your progress.

Finis Neptune V2 MP3 Player

For almost every sport, a great playlist is always a motivation and makes training sessions more enjoyable and fun by breaking the boredom. Finis Neptune is waterproof and specially designed for swimmers. Just like Sportiiis, it is mounted on the swimming goggles, and it uses bone conduction audio technology to play music to the swimmer’s ear without the need for earbuds. Furthermore, the gadget makes the music louder and more precise as you go deep underwater and comes with 8 GB storage space.


This is an electronic fork that helps you monitor your eating habits. Moreover, it is designed in a way so that it notifies you with an indicator light and gentle vibration whenever you are eating too fast. It can also monitor your eating duration, and all this data can be transferred to a smartphone using a mini USB.

Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

It measures and monitors specific exercises, sets, reps, calories burned and heart rate and sends the data to your Android device. Amiigo is a two-part tracking device. One part is worn on your wrist, and the other is worn on your shoe. Some of its excellent pros include wireless charging and wireless syncing. It can be trained to automatically categorize and detect activities such as squats and jumping jacks.

Sensoria Smart Socks

This is a pair of smart socks made from top quality modern running friendly material. It comes with an electronic detachable anklet and uses Bluetooth. The anklet can monitor how well you have been running and how to improve your performance. Furthermore, it may help you detect injury-prone running modes. Then, it sends the information to your smartphone app to advise you in real-time through audio.