How can you become a music sensation online?

The growth of digital media has opened up endless opportunities for every aspiring musician. Recording and posting your own songs and tunes is now a few taps away. Music is one interesting and intriguing aspects that most people connect to. There is also a section of people who want to create music and get their due recognition. Let us discuss how you can become a music sensation and reach out to people all across the globe.

How digital media helps musicians?

We will jot down different ways and platforms that you can use to spread your work. These will give you an idea of how you can market what you are best at:

  1. YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the most followed websites in the world and has a massive reach. Setting up a YouTube channel and posting your recorded music can grab a lot of attention. Since the format of YouTube revolves primarily on visuals, you need to ensure to attend to that apart from audio. You need to create appealing visuals for the music you play or the song you sing so that people like it.

You can share these videos on different social media platforms or trend with the help of SEO strategies. YouTube is offering fame day by day, and they pay really well. You earn around $76 for 10,000 views on a video and it keeps multiplying as you reach out to more people. It also gives you other exposures to work.

  1. iTunes

You can get your music on iTunes by tying up with distributors who can upload your music on the platform. They are tied up with iTunes and ensure prompt payments. You simply need to collaborate, give them your tracks, and watch them upload it for you. You will receive money according to the number of people who accept your tracks.

  1. Facebook

Facebook now lets you monetize the videos you upload. Every day we scroll through plenty of videos which includes recipes, craft, animal videos, and so on. There are pages that promote a certain type of video content and they make money with high reach. Facebook videos are as good as YouTube and many people are shifting to this platform because of more profits. You can also make good use of this social networking site as you have friends and well-wishers who might support you and your work. The more shares you get, the more you reach out to listeners.

  1. Music apps

Apps that offer karaoke services can also help you promote your music. If you are a singer and you don’t play instruments, you can use such app. A famous app like Smule allows you to sing along your favorite song, as the music runs in the background. It lets you offer your voice and with the same music that the song originally has.

  1. Instagram

Even though you just get 59 seconds to fame, Instagram is another platform to showcase your talent. You can post your music on this site and even break a song in 2-3 parts. People will swipe left to listen to the entire thing if they like you. Just like Facebook, Instagram has a huge reach and lets you monetize your views and make money out of it. Instagram is easier to grab attention because your profile looks more streamlined with images and videos.

Things to consider

If you are a musician already and you are planning to shift online, there are some things you need to consider. To simply this we will give you an example. Suppose you have a show and there is a certain amount of equipment you need to carry. You will need a microphone to sing, speakers that connect to your guitar, nicely set up stage, much more. Similarly, when you plan to channelize your music online, you need to consider the online market. You need to know what people like, what do they expect and how you can attract viewers or listeners.

Suppose you want to have a YouTube channel. You cannot only focus on the quality of music you record. You need to create a video that is in synergy to the song. If you only want to post your music on iTunes, you need to ensure that you record it in a good studio. Editing the music and making the final draft is also an essential part. Playing live is much different from posting online.

Since the online music industry is new to you, try relying on people who can help you. Rely upon people who have YouTube channels for suggestions. Ask distributors how you can post and market your song on iTunes. Do some research about the online music industry before you try to reach out to people. If you follow a systematic way, you will take your passions to new heights!