‘Wave Rider’ – New Single by Les Fradkin

Les Fradkin sculpts a classic surf rock sound with the intricate “Wave Rider”. Keeping things to the absolute essentials, what truly sits front and center is Les Fradkin’s undeniably strong guitar riffs. Reminiscent of Dick Dale’s incredible body of work, the whole of the piece has an infectious, giddy energy to it. Over the course of the track every element comes into focus with the utmost of care and consideration. Truly timeless, Les Fradkin lets the buildup happen carefully, making sure never to rush anything. By making sure every gesture truly shines the whole of the arrangement has a jubilant vibe to it, a thing of such celebration.



A rhythm helps to anchor the whole of the work while the guitar moves forward in a fantastic array. Quite nimble, every single movement possesses incredible energy to it. Gradually the song begins to absolutely soar into the sky with a keen sense of triumph. Little elements of the backup sound further add to its cinematic aura. The usage of color further lends the song a graceful sort of style. Never rushing anything, the whole of the piece works in an unusual way, the way that layers simply come together shimmering with such hopefulness. By the very last stretch of it all, Les Fradkin lets all of this crescendo in a way that feels particularly well-earned and infinitely tasteful.

Les Fradkin

With “Wave Rider” Les Fradkin delves into a world that feels so raw, visceral and real.

By BeachSloth