Sarantos – ‘Your Empty Chair’

Sarantos explores the ups and downs of relationships on the soulful “Your Empty Chair”. Going for a soothing, cyclical rhythm the song offers a meditation on the aftermath of a breakup. Loss comes up from the simplest things, all the way to the smallest details, of where they used to be. An indie rock approach works wonders for the piece, which at times has a dreamy quality to it. Throughout the whole of the piece what truly feels stunning is the way Sarantos incorporates multiple layers into the sound in such a subtle and sophisticated way. By far the true heart of the story comes from his clever storytelling, with creatively used metaphors and previous happier moments, those that preceded the breakup making the breakup sting that much harder.


The song sets the mood almost immediately. Figuring a look towards a universal theme, Sarantos explores exactly what breaks a relationship apart along with that breakup’s aftermath. Work can oftentimes break people apart, and Sarantos lets that feature prominently. Quite gradually, Sarantos lets the things that defined the relationship come into focus, the music and all the happiness it brought. By letting all of it, the good and the bad, work in unison he creates a snapshot of a life lived to the fullest. While there may be heartache, there are also the memories that came to further guide a life.

With “Your Empty Chair” Sarantos proves to have a timeless, tasteful take on the importance of communication, of sharing a life with another.