Brooklyn’s Phony Ppl court their local bodega cashier in new video, “Before You Get A Boyfriend” 

Today, Brooklyn-based quintet Phony Ppl have shared the funky earworm “Before You Get A Boyfriend,” their first new song in three years. Blending soul, funk, R&B and more, Phony Ppl continue to flex their musical prowess by refusing to be limited to just one genre on the track which was self-produced and mixed by GRAMMY Award winner Qmillion. Okayplayer premiered the track, calling it “an ice-cold summer daydream,” adding that “the track builds out on a palette entirely their own; buoyant bubblegum basslines, sweet and simple summer melodies, and all of the heartwarming resolve.”

“Before You Get A Boyfriend” marks Phony Ppl’s first new music since their 2015 debut Yesterday’s Tomorrow. The set earned organic praise from The New York Times, who praised the group’s “forward thinking” abilities and Rolling Stone, who called the album “sharply cut funk.” Phony Ppl also earned cosigns from heavyweights Childish Gambino and Tyler The Creator, who named “End of the Night” one of his favorite tracks that year.