Surfy garage rock band, Clean Spill, shares new video ‘Rolling’

Santa Barbara surfy, laidback (and sometimes spooky) garage rock band, Clean Spill, share their new single, “Rolling,” and debut the official video on Consequence of Sound. “Rolling” is the second release from the band’s forthcoming EP, Nothing’s On My Mind, due out this summer. Hanni El Khatib produced the record, and CoS says, “Clean Spill mined that era [of ’50s and ’60s rock] with the help of one of its most dedicated fans: singer-songwriter and vintage rock master Hanni El Khatib.”

Following the same inspiration of duality that was displayed in first single, “Doctor,” the warm vibes and colorful sounds break over introspective lyrics that are all too relatable. The yin and yang vibes are right there in the band name, in a “clean vs spill” context: polished vs distorted.

In an interview, Clean Spill told Consequence of Sound: “This song is the essence of Clean Spill, a happy song with sad lyrics that emulates the paradox of our band name. If all the lyrics were happy, the song would be cheesy.” “‘Rolling’ is a surfy, melodramatic breakup song,” adding, “This song masks the heartbreak and feelings of loneliness with lighthearted guitar and an uptempo surf beat.”