Palatine Harbor premieres “When Hope Dies”

Metalcore has always been a staple in the metal scene, especially with festivals like Warped Tour showcasing the best of the best. Like any genre, the sound has evolved throughout the years which has led to debates on the future of the genre. While some argue that modern releases can’t quite live up to the great releases of the past, bands are constantly trying to get creative with their art while staying true to what makes metalcore special. Palatine Harbor is proud to give listeners an updated spin on the “old school” sounds with their new single, “When Hope Dies,” (ft. Angel Flores of Painting Promises and formally of I Am King).

Drawing inspiration from heavy hitters like Miss May I, The Word Alive and Ice Nine Kills, Palatine Harbor puts their unique spin on the genre that showcases their passion and talent. The band shared, “We wanted to express an “old school” take on the metal-core scene of 2010 which features pop style choruses accompanying a complex rhythm. We wanted to bring back the feel of the early turn of the decade with an old school vibe lyric video.”

The emotional lyrics are raw and highlight the band’s ability to be vulnerable. Described as a track about “love, lust and trust,” listeners will be reminded of their own past relationships and experiences they have gone through. By the time the infectious chorus kicks in for the second time, you’ll be singing along ready to hit that repeat button when the last note hits.