Peter Calandra – ‘Carpe Noctem’

A truly spellbinding procession takes shape on Peter Calandra’s lovely “Carpe Noctem”. Existing as if purely in a dream the way the songs evolve have an uncanny sense of grace. With a true ear for melody the songs feel nicely cinematic, conjuring up images of vast beauty. The pastoral quality of the pieces comes from Peter’s clever usage of choral within the sweeping strings, lending the whole of the album a sense of humanity, of purpose and of life. By opting for this tact, the album feels akin to a fully unified consistent whole. Reminiscent of Max Richter’s most tender compositions, Peter goes for a truly emotional journey, one that covers loss, love, and the feeling of discovery.

Impressionistic to its core “Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)” opens the album on a welcoming note, featuring a spiritual fervor to the piece. Energy flows through the intense trip of “Aurora Scanderé (Dawn Rising)” which feels quite confrontational. Building up in a gorgeous way “Crucifixus (Crucfixion)” has a mournful hue to it, going for a majestic atmosphere, with the inclusion of horns adding to its emotional weight. Pulsing rhythms intermingle on the kaleidoscopic “Invictus Bellator (Unconquered Warrior)”. Great joy radiates from the album highlight, the lush “Mane Pacificae (Peaceful Morning)”. Triumph rests at the heart and soul of “Sacrum Spera (Sacred Trust)”. Effortlessly concluding the album is the reflective “Spiritus Mundi (World Spirit)”.

“Carpe Noctem” creates a true timeless classic, proving Peter Calandra to be a painter with sound.