Mr. Envi’ – Tha 40oz EP

Mr. Envi’ goes for a flawless flow offering stories of a life lived to the fullest on “Tha 40oz (EP)”. The narrative he creates throughout the whole of the EP shows off a true compassion for others, the way to maintain relationships, tying the many pieces together in a fantastic fashion. Stylistically, while the pieces are firmly grounded in a southern hip-hop tradition, Mr. Envi’ incorporates soul, R&B, and little flourishes of electronica into the mix. By going for such a broad approach, the whole of the collection swirls about in a fluorescent haze, completely with gorgeous melodies and hard-hitting, heavy beats.

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Things open up with the skit of “40oz Intro” before delving into the fray with “I Gotchu”. Going for an exploration of friendship “I Gotchu” has a mellowed-out atmosphere to it. Nimble samples come into the fray on “Tell Me Wutchu Want (feat. Mr. Hympdok & JTL)”. Easily the highlight of the collection “Tell Me Wutchu Want” possess an enigmatic quality to it, courtesy of the incredible hooks that emerge throughout the track. A little bit of funk flows through on the languid grooves of “Candy Car Driva (feat. JTL)”. Crisp beats skitter about on the powerful “Same Old M.E.”. Volume deserves to be blasted on the colossal stately riffs of “Chest Out (feat. MistaTBeatz)” where the whole of the track exists in a fantastic haze.

Delivered with swagger and style, Mr. Envi’ goes for an unfiltered raw look at the world on “Tha 40oz (EP)”.

By BeachSloth