Van Packing Checklist for the Gigging Musician

Going on a gig stirs up a lot of excitement in everyone involved.  It signifies that your hard work has finally paid off and now you are finally getting the attention you deserve.  You prepare your musical instruments, the sheet music of all the songs in your repertoire, your costumes and everything else you might need for your show. Your vehicle is now loaded and you’re all set to go.  But are you sure that you have everything you need for your gig? Are you sure that you brought enough bathroom necessities for everyone? Did your bandmate bring extra drumsticks in case he needs them?

With these in mind, we have prepared this checklist, so you leave for that gig with no worries.  Each band member may add to the list things that he may personally need for the show. And if you can, bring an extra piece or two of each item.

ID, contact information, other important cards and travel documents

The importance of identification cards can never be over-emphasized.  It verifies your identity and establishes that you are who you claim to be. Your ID card must be issued by a government agency and should be accurate and up-to-date. This includes your driver’s license, medical alert cards, and medical insurance cards.  And if your gig is going to be in another country, you would need your passport, visa, and tickets. And make sure that all these are accurate and up-to-date.

Extra battery packs and chargers for smartphone, laptops and other devices

An extra battery or charger will definitely come a long way when you’re in the middle of the road, even in the middle of your show.  Musicians nowadays use their smartphones or tablets to cue them on what’s next on their playlist or to provide them the lyrics of their songs.

Musical Instruments – for what would your concert be without them?  

Accessories, including cables and adapters – bring many so you will not have to worry as you set up your equipment

Dedicated equipment used for the performances – these include your hard drives and storage

Cases for instruments – to protect your instruments from all the bumps they may get

Ear plugs and headsets – in case you have bandmates who snore or you just want to listen to music all the time

Clothes and costumes – for your practice sessions and actual performances.  Just be sure you won’t run out of them if your schedule is tight and you don’t have time to go to the laundry.

Bathroom Necessities and toiletries – to ensure that you stay clean and look good in your performances

Vitamins and supplements – because you need all the nutrients to give you energy

Medical and First Aid Kit  – for medical purposes and other emergencies. You can get one at MFASCO Health and Safety

Snacks – fruits, cookies, or anything to munch on while you’re on the road

This list is not as complete as you may expect.  But it is a good start. You may add to the list as you continue kicking up your boots and jamming away.