Don Forman of Las Vegas is Building a Better Future by Reaching Out Today

When thinking about what they can do for the future, many of us believe that there is no rush to act now as we do not realize that what happens tomorrow is connected to what we are trying to build today. Fortunately, one Las Vegas businessman is showing us how to build a better future for America by reaching out today, not tomorrow or some future time, but today.

Don Forman is the owner of United Nissan in Las Vegas and Tustin Nissan in California who partnered with Fox5 Surprise Squad since 2014 to create remarkable opportunities for people from all walks of life to realize their hopes and dreams. While most businessmen are busy trying to make money and keep their ventures successful, Forman knows the value of giving back and helping the community.

Forman believes that by helping people in their time of need today, he is not only paving the way for a better future for them but for the country as well. We have all seen his unbelievable generosity in every episode of Fox5 Surprise Squad, but one episode fully exemplifies how Forman is helping the future of America – by giving out scholarships and cars to a financially-challenged but determined group of young individuals.

Seven young ladies from various backgrounds but all working to defy the odds, so they can build a better future for themselves were given full scholarships to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). The girls overcome serious difficulties just to finish high school and are eligible for college. From being abandoned by drug-addicted parents and losing family members to having to endure hours of traveling just to attend classes, all seven young women deserve the opportunity to get a degree and pursue their dreams.

Forman and the team of Fox5 Surprise Squad even gave the girls a free ride to UNLV — literally. After getting their scholarships, Forman and his wife led the girls to the parking lot for another surprise. “On behalf of our team at United Nissan, we want to know which color do you want,” Forman said as the girls excitedly ran to the cars lined up in the parking lot.

Forman also gave the ladies a piece of valuable advice: “One of the most important things in life is to be consistent in what you do,” he said. “Keep that vision and goals out there and don’t stop going for it.”

We could all learn from the example of Forman. While we do not have the resources to give expensive scholarships and gifts, we can all start helping in our way today without waiting for the future.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well,” says world-renowned author Ralph Waldo Emerson and considering how American businessman Don Forman is living his life, he is without a doubt living by the same principles.

Don Forman is the owner of United Nissan and Tustin Nissan who is known for his philanthropic works as much as his successful business ventures. In fact, after the tragic 2017 Las Vegas, Forman proved that when he’s pushed to choose between helping others or doing business, he would willingly sacrifice his earnings to help those in need.

When everyone was panicking and feeling lost after the said tragedy, Forman halted his business and enjoined the support of his workers, so they can all help transport the victims of the shootings and their loved ones to the hospitals. The kind-hearted and generous United Nissan owner also gave time off to his employees who have been affected by the incident while at the same time working with other groups to assist those who are mourning.

Apart from his individual initiatives, Forman also collaborated with the Fox5 Surprise Squad, a television show that aims to inspire the people of Las Vegas by sharing touching stories of triumphs despite difficult odds. Forman’s United Nissan brought unbelievable joy and relief to individuals and families who are struggling to keep their hopes and dreams alive.

Take the case of Tisha Beauchmin, a mother of 5 who unhesitatingly and lovingly took in the three children of her neighbor who died of cancer even though they are already struggling financially. Tisha grew up in the foster system and knew right away that it was not the kind of life that any children deserve, so brought the kids to her home, no questions asked.

When Forman and the Fox5 Surprise Squad team learned about Tisha’s story, the group knew they had to help. In addition to giving Tisha’s home a needed makeover to accommodate the additional kids, Forman also gave the family a brand-new Nissan vehicle that can fit Tisha’s large family.

This is just one of the many times Forman showed the world that there is something more important in life than money. As he shared in one of his interviews: “I don’t think there’s anything you can do in life that gives you the same feeling as giving back.”

Ultimately at the end of the day entrereneur and philanthropist Don Forman of United Nissan is in the Business of Helping Others and that’s what makes the future bright for the world is good hearted humantarians like Don.