Serbian pop prodigy Marija presents short fashion film for her single ”All The Girls“!

Serbia’s very own pop prodigy Marija just dropped a music video for her new single and a summer girl power anthem “All The Girls”. Music video for “All The Girls” is a journey of a girl gang resembling fashion films and 70s road trip heist movies giving a fierce edge to this pop track.

Having in mind Marija’s blossoming career in modeling, it was quite natural for her to drop a music video joined by her model girl friends from her mother agency Model Scouting Office, all working in fashion capitals – New York, Milan and Paris. Marija’s girl squad is all dressed up in retro editorial fashion pieces handpicked by Serbian breaking design & stylist duo – MATES (former stylists at Harper’s Bazaar).

“As we were very excited to be included in this project it was very important for us to pay attention to details like color, texture and eclecticism of each piece that would complement that retro vibe of the video and rebellious nature of each badass girl. They were given pieces of clothing they can play with and break-in a luxurious mansion in such fashion yet youthful manner.” – Marko & Sasa (MATES) about fashion in All The Girls.