ODDNOTE – “Mystified”

Oddnote delves into a classic alternative rock sound with the powerful “Mystified”. Nicely embodying a sort of gritty, raw style that incorporates a bit of grunge into the mix, the whole piece has a stunning quality to it. Within the song elements of Alice in Chains can be felt, courtesy of the vocalist’s tremendous delivery. By far the best part of the track is how Oddnote is able to incorporate all of its parts into a singular, fully balanced whole. The buildup of the work feels particularly satisfying for Oddnote ensures that not a single moment is wasted for the whole of the piece is one of extreme patience before they simply let loose.

Guitars introduce the track giving it an intimacy of sorts. From there the rest of the piece comes into place. When the vocals come into the fray the whole of the work truly comes into bloom. Drums help to further propel the piece forward with a wide-eyed intensity, one that lends itself well to a sense of urgency. Layer upon layer filters into the mix further adding to its density. About halfway through Oddnote lets it all run through in a wild, unhinged fever. Percussion blasts through with the riffs taking on as much distortion as they can handle, while the vocals soar above it all in a way that convey an embrace of chaos.

“Mystified” shows off Oddnote’s intense energy, their passion that comes to define the entirety of the track.


By Beach Sloth