Time, the Valuator Release Video for In Control

If you’re a fan of Hands Like Houses, Periphery, Slaves or, honestly, anything as vocally driven and bouncy, you cannot miss out on this. Embark with the band on a video that will take you for quite the spin: from rocking out in an underground parking lot, to an eerily, dimly-lit room, the video will pull you in and give you the perfect visual representation of what the song is all about -more on that below. Furthermore, get ready for an amazing vocal duo, Phil and Nico, who, when they fire on all cylinders, will assault your ears till you’ll find yourself humming the song for days on end. There’s no better way to describe how catchy, powerful and chilling this track is, than to check it out for yourself below.

KIN unveil grandiose third single ‘At What Cost’

London based 3-piece KIN are today (4/7/18) releasing their third single in as many months ‘At What Cost’.

Written about “the cyclical life of someone who can never settle”, new single ‘At What Cost’ arrives ahead of 7 more tracks – set to be released on a monthly basis until the end of the year, with live shows and more to be announced very soon.

Russian Alternative Rock Group ASHES COLLIDE Join Sliptrick

Ashes Collide is an alternative rock band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Their music is inspired by 2000’s American rock, based on memorable guitar riffs, simple harmonies and powerful female vocals. While this style certainly attracts lots of fans, the group are in constant search of their own unique niche within the genre.

The band was created in spring 2015 by Nikita Frolov (guitar) and Alexahder Kolchin (drums) and completed in early 2016 by Roman Vtorov (bass) and Marfa Savchenko (vocals/lyrics). Since 2016, Ashes Collide have quickly gained popularity in their hometown and neighboring cities, performing many live shows. Their first single Ashes Collide, self-released in 2016, caused a lot of interest in the local rock communities and gigs in Finland and Estonia during 2017/2018 have marked the beginning of the groups planned global expansion. The latest work of the band, the EP First Collide, which was recorded in 2017, will be released worldwide later in the year on Sliptrick Records.

French stoner/grunge rockers Sunderfeet premiered new music video “Mushroom Fail”

About ten months after the official release of their debut full-length album called ‘Nigthtmare For Myself’ and still available for CD & digital formats on Bandcamp, Stoner-grunge power-trio from the East of France Sunderfeet just premiered a brand new music video for the song “Mushroom Fail”, shooted by J.R. Wiener.

Becky and the Birds visualises entire debut EP with brand new video

The video premiered with HUNGER who said, “Becky and the Birds is the name you need to remember. Releasing her self-titled debut EP earlier this year, she spanned genres and mixed up her vast influences, resulting in a highly acclaimed first endeavour. Deciding she would celebrate the power of women through music, Becky and the Birds has created an 11-minute visual interpretation of her EP.”

NICK BREWER pays tribute to his dad in ‘Good Man’ video

Nick Brewer has been on somewhat of a journey over the last few years. From a top 20 hit with ‘Talk To Me’ on Island Records, to seemingly disappearing. But Nick has been slowly but surely building back up over the past 18 months, regularly releasing new songs under the umbrella title of ‘Many Moods’.

Riton & Kah-Lo travel to South Africa in the music video for ‘Ginger’

Grammy nominated duo Riton and Kah-Lo have unveiled the official video for their vibrant new production ‘Ginger’, which is directed by Sesan Ogunro – one of Nigeria’s most respected directors, known for creating videos for the likes of Wizkid, Snoop Dogg and D’banj.

HER’S Share New Single ‘Harvey’ / Debut Album Out 24th August

Following on from last year’s 9 track compilation ‘Songs Of Her’s’, the Liverpool duo’s upcoming debut LP ‘Invitation to Her’s’ released August 24th on Heist or Hit will be their most significant step yet. ‘Harvey’ ushers in the summer with its lilting choruses and peculiar verses perfectly straddling the line between the mad scientist bedroom experimentation of Ariel Pink and the slick production values of Scritti Politti.