Secrets – password manager and secure wallet for your Mac

How often did you think about how many accounts you have on different resources? How many usernames and passwords have to be kept in memory or a special file on the desktop, hidden from prying eyes? The number of different Internet resources is now off the scale. Forums, social networks, mail services, various portals, and blogs. On average, a user can have up to 40 accounts. And, depending on the type of activity, this figure is quite capable of growing. A lot of Internet portals and services for security purposes prohibit users from creating simple passwords, which, on the one side, is good, and on the other – just uncomfortable.

Frequently the first thing you need to do before entering the post office or your favorite social network is to enter your login and watchword. Many people try to use the same registration data. But suddenly on one site such login is already occupied, and on the other, strange requirements are imposed on the authorization code, such as at least ten characters. Passkeys become larger, and now you are already sitting and looking at the inscription “Login or password is not valid.” It’s a familiar picture, is not it? Besides, for safety reasons, privacy code must be extended and interspersed with numbers and symbols in different registers. It is also desirable to change paroles every 3-6 months.

Writing passwords to a txt file is no longer relevant. Smart users store sensitive information in the smart programs. It’s time to start using the password manager (if you have not already done it before). For those who already use such a software, it will also be worthy to get acquainted with a review of one of the innovative watchword manager and wallet for your Mac Secrets (

What is this app for?

Choosing the right authorization code is very important when working on the Internet because its absence can bring you a lot of problems. You can use one universal privacy lock for all occasions, but even only one wrong movement can jeopardize all your accounts, and if you use really complex passwords that consist of a combination of numbers and letters, then remembering and typing it each time will be much harder. For such cases, special parole managers are necessary, with which you can safely store multiple passwords, logins, and other personal data in an encrypted form while maintaining ease of access to them from the tablet or smartphone.

What Secrets app promises its users:

– Convenient and safe saving of passwords, credit cards, bank details, as well as any other personal data in one place.

– Data can be synchronized via iCloud or Dropbox to access them from any Apple device.

– The intelligent search will help you to find your secrets quickly.

– Manager allows you to synchronize via wifi and also has a portable version.

– Reporting tools of the program will notify you about all the changes that occur in the accounts.

– To fill the form in one or another tab of the Safari browser or Chrome, just one click is enough.

– Security check to search for unreliable passwords.

– Import from the previous watchword manager.

– Use the provided templates for complex codes.

Rely on your password manager

The watchword and security for many people can seem synonymous. But when the question is about the protection of the privacy lock itself, then safety comes directly to the priorities. When installing a new parole manager for personal use, the most important thing is to rely on it and get away from the old habits. As long as you prefer to use simple passwords, do not forget that all your virtual life and business activities are always under threat of hacking.