From That Summer (Vol. 1) Compilation: Frank Migliorelli “Baby Put A Dress On”

Swinging with a bucolic, freewheeling positive energy, “Baby Put a Dress On,” the latest single from critically acclaimed roots rocker Frank Migliorelli, kicks off with a fiery start that remains consistently hot throughout the song, much like Migliorelli’s explosive, burgeoning career has been lately. “C’mon get ready, it’s Friday night,” he tells us with a sincerity and warm glow in his voice that is reminiscent of a young Tom Petty. “Been working all week long and time is tight,” he continues, “I cashed my paycheck, filled up the tank, Roll down the windows girl and let the music crank.” His descriptions juxtaposed with the rollicking guitar riffage going on in the foreground paints a wonderfully vivid picture for us to study, and when we listen closely, we’re almost instantly transported there, to that place that Migliorelli is taking us on, blazing down the highway with the wind in our hair and the future right smack in the middle of the road in front of us. It’s exhilarating, and a little nerve wracking, to let go of our inhibitions and allow our singer to recklessly drift back and forth from the fast lane to the center and back throughout the somewhat elaborately arranged song, but overwhelmingly its twists and turns are so infectiously groove laden that it’s hard not to embrace his carefree attitude and get lost on the open road with him. There’s something deeper within his voice, something real and youthful, almost childlike, that is convincing enough for us to trust him and put a little bit of faith into his spirit and energy. You can tell he likes to break the rules, and he doesn’t mind saying so, but don’t let him fool you; Migliorelli is an avid student of the game. He cares more about the rules that he’s breaking than he’ll ever let on, but that’s what makes his defiant rebelliousness as effective as it is; he knows how to shock, when to execute and how to make his statement louder and bolder than anyone else is going to dare to try and replicate. Even as “Baby Put a Dress On” begins to chug toward its last, mercilessly haunting note, our singer doesn’t compromise or slow down emotionally. Everything is full blast, and if there was a single complaint that I were to honestly share with you about the entire experience, it’s that I wish that it would have lasted just a little bit longer. The tension was nothing short of gripping, captivating, and sinfully addictive.

Frank Migliorelli is a name that, if you’re a music enthusiast at least, you should get used to hearing quite a bit more than you have. His music is gaining momentum in all of the places that you would expect it to most, and it’s becoming evident that he’s going to be one of the more significant players in the forthcoming era in popular music. Personally I’m happy to see his arrival, and I think anyone worth their sense should make a point to hear his music whenever they get the chance.

Thomas Patton, III